Thursday, March 8, 2018

Review: The Cure (Unbounded #2) by Teyla Branton

About the Book

Erin Radkey’s life has altered completely since her Change made her one of the Unbounded. But some things never change.

Greed. Over the centuries the long-lived Unbounded have divided into two groups, the Emporium who craves money and power and will do anything to achieve its ends, including experimenting on its own people, and the Renegades who protect humanity.

Power. Now the Renegades are close to discovering a cure that will save many dying mortals, and the husband of Erin’s closest friend is first in line to receive the formula. But Emporium agents will stop at nothing to destroy the cure—until they realize the research might be exactly the weapon they’ve been searching for.

Love. Erin’s new abilities are tested as she and fellow Renegades fight the Emporium in a struggle that soon becomes all too personal, and where lines of loyalty are blurred by relationships of the past. Everything is at risk, including the lives of her friends—and the love of Ritter Langton, the Renegade Unbounded who both infuriates and excites her.

From the busy streets of Portland to the jungles of Mexico, The Cure is a page-turning urban fantasy that will keep you riveted until the very end

My Review

Four Stars

I had such a great time reading The Change, the first book in this series, so I was excited to jump into the sequel. It did not disappoint. There's a ton of action and a gripping story that never let up. It's extremely fast-paced. The story picks up a couple months after the ending of The Change. While The Cure might could standalone, I'd really recommend reading book one first.

Part of this story took place in the Mexican jungles which was an intriguing setting. A couple of new people join the team, so that was an interesting shakeup. Erin didn't frustrate me nearly as much as she did in the first book. She seemed to have grown a lot in the couple of months since her change. I really like Keene. I don't know if I'm supposed to like him as much as I do, but... yeah... he's giving Ritter a run for his money in my book. But Ritter's awesome, too. Extremely stubborn, though.

All in all, The Cure was a fantastic sequel that I didn't want to put down. I can't wait to pick up book three, The Escape.

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