Thursday, September 26, 2019

Review: The Waves (Love in Chaos #1) by Amy Matayo

About the Book
Dillon Hayes is twenty-eight and single, an unfortunate status her overbearing family is determined to fix. So when she’s stuck on a cruise ship for a seven-day reunion with the lot of them, she's desperate for any escape she can find, even if it means partnering with a sketchy stranger for an off-the-beaten-path snorkeling excursion. After her mother's last matchmaking attempt, Dillon is more than willing to trade all her good sense for a few hours of solace.

Liam Gamble is stuck in the middle of family vacation hell. The worst part: it's not even his family. This will be the last time he ever accepts a free-vacation invitation from his best friend. At this point, he'd be willing to hand over his life savings to get off this crazy ship. So when he catches one of his friend's cousins sneaking off board, he decides to join her, hijacking her private excursion and nearly blowing her cover. If she gets to leave, so does he.

But what starts off as a secret escape turns into a very real nightmare when their shady tour guide leaves them stranded on an uninhabited island with nothing but the clothes on their backs and no idea how to keep themselves alive.

As hours turn into days, and the weather proves as threatening as their need for food and water, Dillon and Liam must join forces and rely on each other if they have any hope of seeing their families again. Funny thing: sometimes in life, the end of the rope is when you discover everything you value has been in front of you all along.

My Thoughts

Going on a week-long cruise with your meddlesome, nightmare of a family is bad enough. Things can't get worse right? Well... later, getting stranded on a deserted island with your cousin's best friend, a virtual stranger, with almost no food and water. That's way past worse and is the situation Dillon finds herself in. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be?

Author Amy Matayo made me feel so many different emotions with this read. Desperation, panic, hope, dread, gratitude, frustration, love, and so many more. There was sarcastic, self-deprecating humor that I could relate to so much. Seriously, there were so many times I was laughing out loud. I didn't expect that, but I loved it!

I pretty much loved everything about this fantastically entertaining romance. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Five Stars


  1. Gotta love that stranded on a desert island scenario! :D

    1. Right? It always leads to some pretty interesting and wild scenarios. :)

  2. Read this one last year, and I remember liking it. It's quite different than Amy's usual releases but still somehow the same signature Amy Matayo novel. Glad you liked this one, Ashley!

    1. It was so good! I still need to read quite a few of Amy's older books. Something to look forward to! :)