Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Review: Autumn by the Sea (Muir Harbor #1) by Melissa Tagg

About the Book
A captivating new seaside romance brimming with mystery from USA Today bestselling, Christy Award-winning author Melissa Tagg

Abandoned as a toddler, Sydney Rose has spent years wondering who she really is, homesick for a life she's never lived. When a private investigator crashes into her world, she finds herself heading to a tiny seaside town in Maine to meet a woman named Maggie, who's searching for the granddaughter she lost decades ago.

If not for Maggie, Neil MacKean might still be back in Scotland, bereft and alone. Instead, he has a full life in Muir Harbor with an adopted family he loves and a blueberry farm to run. But the farm is struggling and strange occurrences have him concerned. Worse, Maggie's once again caught up in the past, convinced she's finally found her long-lost granddaughter.

Worried for Maggie, Neil is suspicious of the city girl who shows up at the farm. But there's something about Sydney that tugs on him, drawing out secrets he never meant to share. While Neil grapples with the future of the farm, Sydney wrestles with a past that's messier than ever. Together, they're pulled into a mystery complete with a centuries-old legend, unexpected danger . . . and a love as deep and wild as the sea.


What a fantastic start to this new series! There's something so comforting about Melissa Tagg's books. I just want to jump into the pages and get completely lost in the charming community she's created. I'd never leave if I had the choice.

I loved all the characters here. They were all so lifelike, so authentic. Neil, with his slight Scottish brogue, flannel shirts, hardworking attitude, and love for his family, was so swoonworthy. There were times when he really tugged at my heartstrings. And I couldn't help but root for Sydney. She'd had some really hard times, but she continually pressed on.

Muir Farms was such a charming place. Filled with fields of blueberries, goats, a cow, chickens, and plenty of land to roam, all with the added bonus of an ocean-front view. Yeah, that's my literal dream.

Autumn by the Sea was a heartfelt, genuine, and all-around great read. There were plenty of laughs, a few tears, and a bit of a mystery, too. It was a breath of fresh air and Melissa Tagg's best story yet. I'm so excited to visit Muir Harbor again for Indi's story in the next book, A Seaside Wonder.

I received an early copy of this book via NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it. All thoughts and comments are my honest opinion.



  1. Looks like a great book. And I love the cover! Lisa

    1. I think it's one of my favorite reads of the year. So good! And I love the cover too! It looks like a place I'd love to visit. :)

  2. I'm so glad this one turned out to be such a great read! I love the cover and the title...and the story itself sounds good, too. :)

    1. It was so good! I'm so excited to visit this setting again in the next book. :)

  3. I really want to read this one! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's so good! I think you'll really enjoy it! Melissa Tagg never disappoints. :)