Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mini Review: Artificial Love by R.J. Conte

About the Book
Deep in the heart of the wild west, rebel marauders are drawing out a bloody civil war that no side can win. Many ranchers, including Lisbeth's father die trying to save their farms, leaving their women to fight to keep their land and stay alive.

When Lisbeth and her mousy younger sister Ruth come face to face with the uncouth land pirates who seize their farm as a scouting base, they only have one plan to protect their virtue: pretend to be commonplace, advanced domestic robots. Suppressing their fears, enslaved to the ruffians, the two young women are determined to convince the men they're not human.

Their plan hits a snag when they meet Dane: a gorgeous prisoner-of-war who has a secret belief that robots can become sentient and develop emotions on their own... and he's determined to use Lisbeth as proof.

Can the sisters keep up their ruse and survive?

For fans of The Twilight Zone meets Gone with the Wind and Magnificent Seven

My Thoughts

Artificial Love was great! It was a short read, taking me probably 30 minutes, but it packed a big punch. It was so unique, so original. And that ending! What a shocker! I'd love more stories set in this fascinating western steampunk world.

Four stars


  1. I want a whole book set in that world!

    1. Me too! I'm usually not a fan of westerns, but the steampunk twist to it was awesome.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lark! :)