Thursday, January 20, 2022

Review: Shadow Angel by Leia Stone & Julie Hall

About the Book
From the moment I saw the shadows come to life, I knew my world would never be the same.

Yesterday I was a teenager waiting tables in Manhattan, and today, monsters exist and I can see them.

Overnight I’m thrown into the realm of the Watchers, a society of earthbound angels split into two factions: The Shades, whose powerful dark magic is given to them by the fallen angels, and the Lumens, whose abilities are bestowed on them by the archangels of Avalon.

They’re on opposite sides of a brutal war, and I only have a few days to pick which side I want to join. I’m ready to choose when the Shades force my hand by cursing someone I love.

The only hope I have of saving them rests on the broad shoulders of the prickliest Shade alive, Gage Alston. He’s cold, arrogant, and quite possibly the most attractive guy I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Do I trust him? No.
Do I need him? Yes.
Do I want to kiss him? Maybe.

Perhaps I’ll choose darkness after all.


This was such a fantastic start to a new series. Julie Hall and Leia Stone have created a fascinating and intriguing world that I can't get enough of. The beginning was a stunner. I was instantly hooked and couldn't read fast enough.

The characters were great and easy to root for. Tatum was instantly likable. She's thrust into this new world that's been hidden from her for her whole life, and while it's shocking and scary, she handles it all with a bravery that I admired. And Gage! Where do I even begin? He's broody, kinda cranky, and has a bit of a prickly personality. Plus, he's fighting on the wrong side of the battle, but there's something so endearing about him. It's easy to see the goodness that he's trying so hard to bury deep down.

This was, at times, a dark read with quite a few scary moments, but it never got to be too much for me. There was a good mixture of humor and lightness here too, and a great reminder that the light can never be overcome by darkness.

All in all, this was an absolute blast and is a must read for fans of urban fantasy. I highly recommend it and can't wait for book two! I need it ASAP!

I received an advanced copy of this book and voluntarily reviewed it. All thoughts and comments are my honest opinion.



  1. I do love a good urban fantasy read. Here's hoping my library gets a copy of this one.