Monday, July 13, 2020

Review: Bomb Pop Threat (Crime á la Mode #3) by Christy Barritt

About the Book
Something deadly is bursting in air . . .

An explosion rattles Serena Lavinia from her morning ice cream route. When she catches a friend abruptly leaving Lantern Beach, her suspicions rise. Could there be any connection between his departure and the pipe bomb?

As Serena races to find answers, she’s caught in a quandary far bigger than chocolate or vanilla. She must decide which is more important—exposing the truth or maintaining her loyalty.

With the island’s Fourth of July celebration looming, Serena and her trusty dog Scoops must find answers before more danger lights up the night.

My Thoughts

I'm loving this series. Bomb Pop Threat, the third installment in the Crime a la Mode series, is my favorite one yet. The stakes felt higher and the suspense more fast paced. I couldn't read it quickly enough.

Serena finds herself in the middle of another mystery when, this time around, she tries to figure out who's setting off bombs around the island while, also, trying frantically to prove her friend's innocence.

I never want this series to end. Serena and Scoops are so much fun to read about. I can't wait to visit them again in book four.

Five Stars


  1. It's her dog Scoops that makes me want to read this series!

  2. This looks fun, and like a good summer read too!