Monday, January 6, 2020

Review: Dark Divide by Carrie Vaughn

About the Book
In brand-new stories spun off from the New York Times Bestselling Kitty Norville series, dark mysteries push the bounds of sanity. Cormac Bennett, ex-con and former bounty hunter, is a paranormal investigator with an edge: his partner is the disembodied spirit of a Victorian wizard, Amelia Parker. Together, they solve problems no one else can.

They're asked to investigate a mysterious death in the Sierra Nevadas: a man died of hunger —in a cabin that was fully stocked with provisions. The kicker? The cabin is located near Donner Pass, the site of the gruesomely ill-fated Donner Party, where forty men, women, and children died of exposure and starvation. The event was made famous by reports of cannibalism among the survivors.

Is the Donner site haunted? Is some evil force rising again after a hundred fifty years to wreak destruction? Can Cormac and Amelia learn the truth without being caught in the web? Well, they can try...

My Thoughts

The Kitty Norville books were one of my all-time favorite urban fantasy series. I was so sad when it ended, but there was always some hope that someday we'd get a spinoff series featuring Cormac and Amelia. Well, I'm excited to say that someday is finally here! It was so great visiting these characters again. Cormac was always my favorite part of the original series so you know I loved getting a whole new story with him as the main guy.

Dark Divide takes Cormac and Amelia on a case to Donner Pass where weird, possibly supernatural, things are happening. A man dies of starvation in a cabin that's fully stocked with food. His coworker knows that something sinister is going on and hopes Cormac can figure it out before more harm is done.

I loved this story. It was a quick read that held my undivided attention. It was pretty easy to figure out who the bad guy was, but not so easy figuring out the why or how. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves urban fantasy. It stands alone just fine so even if you haven't read the Kitty Norville series, you should be able to dive right into it without any trouble

NOTE: This book does contain some strong language.

4.5 Stars

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