Monday, December 20, 2021

Review: Silent Night: A Lantern Beach Christmas Novella (Lantern Beach Mysteries) by Christy Barritt

About the Book
Catch up with your favorite Lantern Beach characters as they come together to help the town's beloved police chief.

On the night before Christmas Eve, as she begins her maternity leave, Lantern Beach Police Chief Cassidy Chambers disappears. Suspecting foul play, law enforcement officers combine forces with the Blackout Security team and island residents to find her.

Despite a snowstorm in his path, Cassidy’s husband, Ty, desperately tries to return home in time to save her. With his wife’s and baby’s lives on the line, he needs a Christmas miracle.

Will the tightknit community of Lantern Beach be able to rescue their beloved police chief in time? Or will Cassidy’s cries for help be met only with silence?


Weeks away from giving birth, Police Chief Cassidy Chambers is abducted outside the police station just as she's about to start her maternity leave. The whole town joins forces to find her.

This was a super quick read that I finished in one afternoon. I seriously could not read it fast enough. I loved that we got to revisit so many of the Lantern Beach residents. Each chapter was told from the perspective of either Cassidy, Ty, or a different townie as they raced against time to save their friend. 

I really enjoyed this Christmas novella. It's a must read for fans of the Lantern Beach series. 



  1. I'm sorry but this cover makes me want to say something. Why would they put someone else's head on the body like that? And that girl looks like Taylor Swift. But I really like the background image.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the novella.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Yeah, this isn't my favorite cover, but I'm just glad the actual story was so good. I can always count on Christy Barritt for a suspense-filled thrill ride of a book. :)