Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wondering Wednesdays #2

In addition to my usual Can't Wait Wednesday post today, I'm also participating in a new weekly meme, Wondering Wednesdays hosted by A Baker's Perspective. This is a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers by answering different questions.

This week's question is: Do you have any pets?

I have four dogs and lots of goats.

Hank is a Heeler mix and is our protector. He lets us know when anything out of the ordinary is going on in the neighborhood and is particularly suspicious of UPS and FedEx. He's such a sweetie. He's getting older and is a little slower these days, but he doesn't let that stop him.

Daisy is a German Shepherd and is Hank's shadow. She's goofy and a bit of a troublemaker. She loves chasing birds and catching them. Just make sure to keep the chickens away from her. She seems to really love them. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Jack is a Yorkie-Poo. He's a loyal companion who will follow you anywhere, especially if there's food involved. Anytime we get a package in the mail, he thinks what's inside is his. He always has to check it out, no matter what it is. He has the occasional stubborn day, but for the most part he's a sweet little guy who loves being by our sides.

Hazel is a Lab-Heeler mix and the newest addition to the family. She's a happy girl who's tail is always wagging. When she gets really excited she just wiggles all over. It's the cutest thing. Her and Daisy became best friends instantly. It took Hank a little while to warm up to her, but he couldn't resist her charm for long. She's eager to please and is always wanting attention.

I have quite a few goats but I'll just talk about a couple of them. Millie is a Nigerian Dwarf. She may be small, but she doesn't know it. She's a little goat with a big attitude. She thinks she's the boss and doesn't hesitate letting everyone know it. Things are never dull when Millie's around, lol.

Toby (short for October) is also a Nigerian Dwarf. Her and Millie used to be best friends (they were born around the same time), but I guess you could say they're rivals now. It took her awhile, but she's finally come to the realization that Millie's in charge of things. Toby loves attention and pretty much demands to be petted whenever I'm around. 

Do you have any pets?


  1. I loved reading about your pets! Aren't animal funny creatures?? lol


    1. They're hilarious! It's so great watching their unique personalities shine. :D

  2. Your dogs and goats are so cute!!!! I love dogs, and I had one growing up, but I don't have one at the moment. Seeing yours makes me wish I did. :)

    1. They're so much fun to be around and really make everyday brighter. :D