Thursday, May 6, 2021

Review: Realms of Light (The Colliding Line #2) by Sandra Fernandez Rhoads

About the Book
From the Ashes, Spring Will Rise

On the run from the brutal Sage and his army of Legions and Cormorants, seventeen-year-old Cera Marlowe knows the only place strong enough to protect her is the Alliance Council Estate.

Cera’s introduction to the Estate is far from welcoming. As a Blight, her dueling powers of light and darkness make her a half-breed threat to the Alliance’s sacred powers. Cera’s ability to decipher hidden messages in classical artwork buys her shelter temporarily, but the clock is ticking as she’s faced with a daunting choice that could cost her everything.


What a fantastic conclusion to this duology. I loved the first book, so I was eager to pick up this sequel. It delivered, bigtime. Just like with Mortal Sight, it hooked me right from the beginning and never let go.

Cera was an easy character to root for. Obstacle after obstacle was thrown her way. She faced seemingly insurmountable odds with such bravery and fierceness. There were still times that her rash behavior frustrated me, but she had such a good heart and well-meaning intentions that I could overlook it. And, despite all that, you could still see how much she'd matured from the first book.

I loved how the epic poem Paradise Lost was incorporated into both books. It was really cleverly done. Plus, all the classic works of art, too. So cool!

I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this author. If you're a fan of YA urban fantasy, I'm sure you'll enjoy this series.



  1. I do like YA and urban fantasy. :) I'm glad this duology was a hit for you and the connection to Paradise Lost and classical art is a great hook.

    1. Thank you! It was so neat how the classics were woven into the story. :)

  2. I am a fan of urban fantasy reads. And I like that this one is only a duology...and that both books have already been written. :)

    1. It's nice to find a shorter series that's complete. It seems like long series are the norm these days. :)