Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Review: Written in the Dust (Backroads Book 2) by Christina Coryell

About the Book

There are two basic types of people you’ll come across in small towns. Planters have the land in their blood and want to stay forever. Dreamers long for the day they will finally escape. Holly Christian? Definitely a planter. She’s never considered leaving for greener pastures, but it’ll be a whole lot easier to move forward when people finally stop telling her that will never happen. Thank goodness she has an ally in Hunter Pearce. He has no desire to leave now that he has what he’s always wanted. Well…almost. The words he can’t take back are still clinging closer than a humid summer afternoon.

Then there’s Gatlin Moore, who leans more in the dreamer direction. He used to imagine a future away from his hometown, but circumstances changed his plans long ago. Now he can’t stop thinking about bringing some of his dreams back to life, namely the ones that involve Brooke Langdon. Breaking up in their small town was hard, but getting back together might prove impossible. She may not be around long, unless she rediscovers what she used to love about the place. Putting her future in order by piecing together the past could mend her heart…or break it for keeps.

Welcome to Hope Canyon. This is our backroads story.

My Review

Five Stars

I was so excited for Written in the Dust and to continue the journey with these characters that started in Written in the Stars. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more!

I was instantly sucked back into the lives of Holly, Brooke, Hunter, and Gatlin, and I loved every second of it. These characters, y'all! They're so real. It felt like I really knew them, like they could be my friends or neighbors. I felt so connected to them. I loved getting a more in depth look at Brooke and Gatlin, seeing them interact more, learning about their past. (I think I've seriously fallen for Gatlin. He's definitely on my list of top swoonworthy characters ever.) It was great watching the friendship between Holly and Brooke continue to grow and the relationship between Holly and Hunter evolve.

Christina Coryell has a real gift, a real way with words. The way she crafts characters and settings, the way she can tug on every emotion is amazing. This book has firmly cemented her on my must-buy list.

I loved stepping back into the small town of Hope Canyon. I can't say enough good things about this book, this series. They have been some of the best books I've read in recent years. (And I've read a lot of great books.) I took my time reading it because I didn't want it to end. I didn't want to leave Hope Canyon or these characters. I didn't think it was possible, but Written in the Dust is even better than the first book. I can't recommend this series highly enough. I've never been so sucked into the lives of characters before, so completely absorbed in a story. I can't wait to read whatever Coryell comes up with next.

I received a copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and comments are my honest opinion.

Favorite Quotes
(There were SO MANY amazing quotes that I couldn't possibly list them all, but I thought I'd share three of my favorites)

“Backroads and freedom are calling our name.”

“She wasn't a warrior, but she wasn't a princess, either. She was somewhere in between, trying to figure out whether there was ice in her blood or steel in her bones.”

“Nothing was ever quick and painless. The idea of pulling the hurt off like a Band-Aid was easy to understand, but the scar always remained long after.”

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